I Did It! I’ve Registered For My First Full Marathon!

Set A Goal


It’s official! I’ve taken that first step towards checking off another bucket list item. I signed up for my first ever full marathon – The Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon! :/

Not only will #STWM be my first full marathon, but I’m excited to announce that I will be a 2014 Ambassador, aka Digital Champion, for the race as well! Check out the rest of the 2014 Digital Champions.

One of the items on my bucket list is to complete a full marathon – 26.2 miles for the Americans or 42.2 kms for the Canadians. I’m not sure what I’ve gotten myself into but there is no backing out now. I initially wanted my first full marathon to be one of the Top 5, but after completing my first half marathon locally, I realized I wanted to complete the full marathon in my hometown. I’m a bit nervous and scared but I know that I will be alongside my friends, fellow runners and Digital Champions, and that I will have my family and friends waiting for me at the Finish Line.

The next four months will be tough and require lots of training, dedication and commitment. I’ve got a packed obstacle race calendar as well, so it’s safe to say my social life will be put on hold until the season is over. I can not wait to cross that finish line in October and feel the overwhelming joy of accomplishment, of being able to check off that bucket list item, and that all my training has been worth it. My legs and my body may hate me for what I am about to put it through, but one of my favourite saying goes “A sore body today, is a strong body tomorrow.”




Where has Linda been?


Wow. I haven’t been updating my blog or my progress lately. Life has been so busy these past 2 months. Today was my ‘rest day’ after a fun and hectic Spartan Race weekend. I thought I would update my whereabouts on my blog and post my race recaps; and coincidentally, my friend J.C. also reminded me that I have not been blogging much as he has not seen any updates. [Yes, you got your shout out 😉 ]

April was the start of my 2014 race season and therefore there were many back to back races I was registered in. Aside from running, I was busy planning my BIG milestone birthday 🙂 and my RACEcation in Washington, D.C. for the Nike Women’s Half.

May consisted of another half marathon, more races and another RACEcation to start my obstacle race season. In addition to it all, I have a busy full time job and April 30 was our second quarter end – so there were several overtime hours in May. 😦

Now you can see, I’ve been a busy bee. 🙂

I don’t know how but I definitely give props to those frequent bloggers who blog every day and write their race reviews the day after. I applaud you! I will upload my pictures and write reviews of all the races I’ve done so far…slowly but surely. Better late than never right?